Promoting diversity within the legal community

What we do is simple. We create a platform for both aspiring lawyers and established legal professionals to develop their networks and secure work opportunities. Our aim is not only to increase the proportion of black and other ethnic minority students successfully entering the profession in all areas of law, but to achieve greater representation in senior and Board-level positions..

We are pleased to launch TLPLUS, our new partnership with the Tyro Lawyer, pairing mentors with law students from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Birmingham Black Lawyers

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Birmingham Black Lawyers

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members from all levels of the legal profession

We provide a platform to support both aspiring and experienced legal professionals from African and Caribbean backgrounds seeking to advance in their careers

We bridge the gap for students with no links to the legal community, showcasing success stories and providing role models for first-generation University attendees

We create opportunities for networking at all levels of the profession

Our events encourage a greater level of integration by black and other ethnic minorities within the legal community

We aim to do our part to increase awareness and encourage action to redress the under-representation of black and other ethnic minority lawyers in the profession

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Words from our Members

  • Sponsorship of BBL is vital for law firms committed to championing and promoting the abundance of black talent within the legal profession. I really enjoy being involved in BBL events as this a great way to engage with black students, and also black solicitors who are at various stages in their careers.

    Yetunde Dania
  • I attended my first BBL event in October 2014 while I was studying my LPC/ LLM. I would not be where I am in my legal career if not for BBL from helping me obtain my first work experience placement to setting me on my way to obtaining a training contract, and everything in between.

    Newly Qualified Solicitor
  • I highly recommend BBL for those seeking a community within the legal profession. I first connected with the team during my second year of undergraduate studies, and since then, they have played a significant role in shaping my legal journey. I secured my second legal professional role while attending a BBL event. Additionally, attending BBL events has facilitated valuable networking opportunities, and provided a platform for connecting with mentors, all of which contributed to building my professional confidence, and eventually being offered a training contract.

    Law Graduate
  • I joined Birmingham Black Lawyers (BBL) in my first year of university. Their event was my first ever networking event. It was held during black history month at Shoosmiths, and for the first time in my life I saw a room full of successful black lawyers, many that even though professional still kept in touch with their culture. Seeing that and hearing all of their stories really made me feel like I could do whatever I set my mind on. It gave me a greater drive to follow through on my dreams, showed me that as a black woman I could be as/more successful than my non-black counterparts and that it was a dream that is very much achievable.

    Each event BBL put on was one that provided great insight into how to become a barrister or solicitor, and how to approach each hurdle and successfully overcome them. BBL opened the door to networks and connecting with people I would have never known, and not just connecting with law professionals but also students like myself from different universities in the same position.

  • BBL is an excellent organisation which have helped me network and gain a greater understanding of the challenges minorities face within the legal fraternity. An organisation filled with authentic, genuine professionals whose aim is to assist and shape the next generation of Barristers and Solicitors. An exceptional organisation!

    Aspiring Barrister
  • It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with Birmingham Black Lawyers (BBL) albeit in an unofficial capacity over the years. During my time as a student, I found the work of BBL inspirational, and they are a big reason why I decided to pursue a career in law. BBL allowed me to hear stories of black lawyers and meet others from underrepresented backgrounds. This motivated me further as it evidenced that despite barriers I could progress in law. BBL also provide a wide array of events which allows students and junior professions to learn new skills such as networking by connecting with like-minded individuals. I have been particularly impressed with the team at BBL. They are always on hand to provide advice and guidance. Their commitment to promoting diversity in the legal profession is unwavering.

    Joel Blake
Birmingham Black Lawyers

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